Leah Tagami Andonov


Leah Andonov has selected four concerts she is looking forward to next season.

Leah Tagami Andonov is a 1st violinist with the Oslo Philharmonic. She grew up in the US and, at 17, had plans to study mathematics and not music until she met Alf Richard Kraggerud on a summer course. She thus moved to Oslo to study with him and has been employed by the orchestra since 2013. She gets her most important inspiration and motivation from the audience. She says that the audience's response gives her the greatest joy in her work as a musician, whether it's applause, some sensitive words, or just a smile that says it all. These are her recommendations to the public in the coming season.


This season, I recommend everyone to attend our free concert at the Palace Square! It is very atmospheric with the outdoor stage in front of the castle, and thousands of people usually come to listen. In addition, the program gives an insight into the upcoming season.

  • Johan Svendsen  Fête Polonaise
  • Ludwig van Beethoven  Symphony No. 7, 3rd movement
  • Antonio Vivaldi  Summer
  • Harald Sæverud  Småfuglvals, Op. 14 No. 2
  • Anna Clyde  Masquerade
  • Dmitri Shostakovich  Tahiti Trot (Tea for two)
  • Marcus Paus  Himmelbrief
  • Ole Paus  Det begynner å bli et liv (arr. Marcus Paus)
  • Lillebjørn Nilsen  Crescendo i gågata (arr. Eivind Buene)
  • Lillebjørn Nilsen  God natt Oslo (arr. Eivind Buene)
  • Alpesh Chauhan -  Conductor
  • Sarah Christian -  Violin
  • Tuva Syvertsen -  Vocals

The Palace Square Concert
Alpesh Chauhan
Antonio Vivaldi
Dmitri Shostakovich


Later in the season, I would especially recommend the concert where Vilde Frang will be the soloist. Vilde is one of my favorite violinists, and she will perform the extremely virtuosic and brilliant Violin Concerto by Stravinsky. The orchestra will also play Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, which is part of our core repertoire and the program for the European tour.

  • George Enescu  Romanian Rhapsody No. 1
  • Igor Stravinsky  Violin Concerto
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky  Symphony No. 4
  • Klaus Mäkelä -  Conductor
  • Vilde Frang -  Fiolin

You should also not miss the concert conducted by Dalia Stasevska! At this concert you will get a bit of everything - the beloved symphony "From the New World" by Dvořák, as well as Bernstein's Serenade, and a new and exciting work by Caroline Shaw.

  • Caroline Shaw  The Observatory
  • Leonard Bernstein  Serenade
  • Antonín Dvořák  Symphony No. 9
  • Dalia Stasevska -  Conductor
  • Karen Gomyo -  Violin

Finally, I would recommend the season finale with Klaus Mäkelä. The concert contains two short pieces by the Norwegian composers Christian Sinding and Edvard Grieg, preceded by two works by Debussy. The main work will of course be Igor Stravinsky's The Firebird, which will be a fine end to the season.

  • Claude Debussy  Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune
  • Igor Stravinsky  The Firebird
  • Claude Debussy  Jeux
  • Christian Sinding  Danse Orientale
  • Edvard Grieg  March of the Trolls
  • Klaus Mäkelä -  Conductor