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The Oslo Philharmonic is a symphony orchestra of international renown, with over 100 musicians and a history spanning over 100 years.

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The Oslo Philharmonic is an internationally acclaimed symphony orchestra with over 100 musicians and a history spanning over 100 years. Here, you will find the most essential information about the orchestra in one place.

The Oslo Philharmonic performs approximately 60-70 concerts annually in Oslo, primarily at the Oslo Concert Hall, and other venues throughout the city. The orchestra covers a broad repertoire, often featuring internationally renowned soloists and conductors, and embarks on domestic and international tours. The Oslo Philharmonic has 108 permanent musicians and an administration staff of 20. Klaus Mäkelä has been the orchestra's Chief Conductor since 2020.

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Postal address
Postboks 1607 Vika
0119 Oslo

Visiting address
Haakon VIIs gate 2

976 944 143 MVA

Chief Conductor

Klaus Mäkelä is the Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor to the Oslo Philharmonic.

Klaus Mäkelä opens his fourth season as Chief Conductor with Thomas Larcher's Symphony No. 2 and Mahler's Symphony No. 4. The 2023/24 includes seventeen concerts at home in Norway a three week tour of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and guest performances in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna.

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Oslo Philharmonic Choir

The Oslo Philharmonic Choir's main task is to accompany the Oslo Philharmonic and regularly participates in concerts with the orchestra under some of the world's most renowned conductors.

Over the past ten years, the Oslo Philharmonic Choir has participated in around 170 concerts with the Oslo Philharmonic under some of the world's most acclaimed conductors. The choir has performed most of the major symphonic choral works in the musical literature; over the last decades, it has consistently improved in quality. Today, considered one of the best symphonic choirs in the Nordic region, the choir receives positive reviews from critics, audiences, and conductors. The choir currently consists of approximately 100 dedicated singers.