Mozart with Mäkelä

This concert was played:

  1. Entr'acte
  2. Clarinet Concerto
  3. Symphony No. 40
  1. Klaus Mäkelä conductor
  2. Pierre Xhonneux clarinet

Klaus Mäkelä conducts Mozart's Symphony No. 40, and Pierre Xhonneux is the soloist in Mozart's clarinet concerto.

Klaus Mäkelä conducts three Mozart-symphonies in three days, and the orchestra's own musicians are soloists in some of the composer's most famous solo concertos.

Pierre Xhonneux, clarinetist in the Oslo Philharmonic, is the soloist in Mozart's clarinet concerto in A major.


  • Adult: 150 - 540 NOK
  • Senior: 150 - 430 NOK
  • Student: 150 - 270 NOK
  • Child: 150 NOK

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