Conductor Klaus Mäkelä

Klaus Mäkelä © Marco Borggreve

Missa solemnis

  1. Missa solemnis
  1. Klaus Mäkelä conductor
  2. Oslo Philharmonic Choir
  3. Øystein Fevang choir conductor

Klaus Mäkelä conducts the powerful work that Beethoven himself described as his best: his Missa solemnis for Four Soloists, Choir and Orchestra. The mass was composed parallel with Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and the two works have much in common.

When Ludwig van Beethoven started work on his Missa solemnis in 1819, the plan was to complete it in time for a grand occasion in 1820. However, it proved to be a much more demanding project than he had imagined. The mass was finally completed in 1823, and it was premiered in St Petersburg on 7 April 1824, exactly one month prior to the premiere of his Symphony No. 9 in Vienna.

Beethoven had great ambitions for his mass, and it was difficult to find good patterns to follow from other composers. Missa solemnis turned out to be a mass that was completely out of the ordinary: a type of magnificent choral symphony in five movements. Although it was somewhat overshadowed by his Ninth Symphony, Beethoven himself described it many times as his finest work. On the score, he wrote: “From the heart – may it return to the heart!”


  • Adult: 220 - 560 NOK
  • Senior: 175 - 450 NOK
  • Student: 170 - 280 NOK
  • Child: 150 NOK
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