Golden Age of Hollywood

This concert was played:

  1. Music from Star Wars
  2. Music from Psycho and Citizen Kane
  3. Music from Robin Hood
  4. Music from Gone With the Wind
  5. Music from A Place in the Sun
  6. Music from Tom & Jerry
  7. Music from Ben Hur
  1. John Wilson conductor
  2. Eli Kristin Hanssveen soprano

Film music might be called the classical music of our time, and we celebrate some of the best of what Hollywood has to offer with a full-length concert dedicated to famous themes from legendary films such as Gone with the Wind, Psycho, Ben Hur and Star Wars. This is music which lends associations to great film experiences in dark movie theatres, but which also stands up remarkably well on its own, often harbouring a power of symphonic proportions. The British film music expert John Wilson joins forces with soprano and starfighter Eli Kristin Hansveen during this celebration of film music.

From the infancy of sound film from the 1920’s and 1930’s, music has been a critical element in evoking different moods and in accentuating the visual experience of what is being shown on the screen. Where would the horror sequences in Psycho be without Bernard Hermann’s psychotically suggestive and dissonant violin screams? Or the mighty battles in Star Wars without John Williams’ massive, penetrating brass orchestra sounds and massive marches? Where would Robin Hood’s escapades be without Eric Korngold’s inventive, playful and adventurous tones? Not to speak of Tom and Jerry’s neverending cat and mouse game without Scott Bradley’s cheerful, breathless, jazz-inspired theme?

We display the full breadth of Hollywood’s rich and varied film music tradition and invite you to take part in a celebration of the movies tinted with a strong nostalgic brush, as well as a wealth of musical surprises. 

(Text: Thomas Erma Møller; Translation (from Norwegian): Sarah Osa)


  • Adult: 100 - 470 NOK
  • Senior: 100 - 375 NOK
  • Student: 100 - 235 NOK
  • Child: 100 NOK

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