Watch Mette Henriette's This Too on Youtube

− It is an indescribable experience to hear them breathe life into the score, says composer Mette Henriette. Now you can watch and hear the Oslo Philharmonic's premiere of "This Too" on Youtube.

Written by Fred-Olav Vatne

- The synergy between the orchestra and Klaus Mäkelä is a great inspiration, says Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg (29), best known as Mette Henriette, who this year writes two new pieces for the Oslo Philharmonic.

− It is an indescribable experience to hear these fantastic musicians breathe life into the score that I have spent so much time with this summer. Klaus has an exceptionally intuitive understanding of where I want to go. The fact that the musicians are so actively listening and present in the music, means that new nuances arise every time. And I want every performance to feel alive for the performers as well.

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− A natural extension of my craft

The Sea Sámi composer, saxophonist and bandleader from Trondheim made an international breakthrough as a jazz artist with her double debut album on ECM Records in 2015. After writing music for her own ensembles for many years, "This Too" is her first piece for symphony orchestra.

− When I was invited to compose something for the concert at Filipstad, I was already writing a commissioned work for the Oslo Philharmonic. The thought of two pieces that could communicate with each other appealed to me, and I said yes.

The composer is also interested in the sea and architecture, two easily visible and relevant themes at Filipstad.

− Along the way, I have reflected on how I can write for orchestra in a way that feels real and sincere in such a special time. It has been a process where I have gone inside myself, at the same time as Klaus and the musicians have been in my consciousness all the way. It's like I've been sitting on every seat and breathing every sound.

Mette Henriette's next premiere with the Oslo Philharmonic is on 25th November. She also works with new music for her own ensemble and commissioned works for the Cikada Trio and the Arctic Philharmonic. An audio installation for a research ship and music for an American HBO documentary are some of her other projects.

− Writing for orchestra feels like a natural extension of my craft. In a way, the timbres are the same as in my own ensemble; wood, leather, metals and strings. I'm really inspired to keep exploring this palette!

Watch Mette Henriette's This Too:

The Oslo Philharmonic with conductor Klaus Mäkelä perform This Too by Mette Henriette at Filipstad in Oslo in August 2020.

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