– Magnificent performances

Three new CDs released in 2016: Two with symphonies by Per Nørgård and one with music for oboe by Ketil Hvoslef, Harald Sæverud and W.A. Mozart.

Oslo Philharmonic's latest CDs have been reviewed in a number of newspapers and magazines recently, both in Norway and abroad.

In April two CDs with a total of four Nørgård symphonies were released on DaCapo Records with John Storgårds conducting.

Andrew Clements of The Guardian writes: "... exemplary performances from the Oslo Philharmonic in crystalline recordings that fasten on every sonic detail in the scores. ... It creates an exhilarating, sometimes revelatory musical journey ..."

Read full review: Nørgård: Symphonies review − an exhilarating musical journey

Andrew Mellor of Gramophone, where the CDs also were picked as "Editor's Choice" of the month, writes: "The brass and percussion offer extreme restraint and delicacy. The Oslo string sound is tight but can be wholly embracing too. ... In music that’s deceptively tricky to pace, Storgårds delivers – again. ... These are magnificent performances ..."

Read full review: Nørgård Symphonies Nos 2, 4, 5 & 6

In BBC Music Magazine, the CDs were picked as "Orchestral Choice" of the month, and reviewer Stephen Johnson writes: "There is something almost miraculous about the way Finnish conductor John Storgårds has brought this music so finely and compellingly into focus ... And the details – it isn't just the clarity, it's the expressiveness of it all that impresses again and again."

You'll find even more reviews on DaCapo Records' website: Nørgård symphonies

Read our interview with John Storgårds about the CDs: − I'm very happy with what we achieved

– Compelling and well-recorded

Our latest release is the CD with oboe concertos by Ketil Hvoslef and Harald Sæverud and Mozart’s oboe quartet. Oslo Philharmonic’s principal oboe David Friedemann Strunck is soloist in the concertos and performs the quartet with colleagues from the orchestra. Arvid Engegård conducts.

John Miller writes in online magazine HRAudio.net: "You would have to go far to find a more compelling and well-recorded K370 than this one by Strunck and colleagues! ... Even on my first playing, I was immediately attracted to Hvoslef's work, and to Strunck's perceptive insights of the concerto's often mystic voicing"

Read full review: Review Mozart, Hvoslef, Sæverud

The CD was also well received by Ståle Wikshåland of Dagbladet, who referred to the Mozart recording as "an utterly exquisite performance". Read full review (in Norwegian, subscription needed): Kammermusikalsk

Trond Erikson reviewed the CD in Den klassiske CD-bloggen: Delikat obospill

The CD was also reviewed by online magazine Pizzicato: "The most attractive piece on this CD is Ketil Hvoslef’s rhetoric Oboe Concerto, yet the entire program leaves a very good impression and offers high level performances." Read full review: Nordische Oboe

David Friedemann Strunck was also guest on the daily music radio show Spillerom in NRK P2 (in Norwegian): Strunck on Spillerom

– Musicianship that takes your breath away

Several musicians from the orchestra have also released or contributed to new CDs this year.

Bass player Dan Styffe released his eighth studio album "Octophonia". Reviewer Martin Anderson of Klassisk Musikkmagasin gave the CD six out of six points, and writes: "This is musicianship that simply takes your breath away" (paper/subscription)

Andrew Mellor in The Strad writes: "This is Simax’s fourth exploration of the sonority of the double bass from the instrument’s Nordic doyen, Dan Styffe ... he has no shortage of technique, plenteous sensitivity and a wonderful instrument by Gasparo da Salò."

Read full review: Octophonia

Rob Nairn in Bass World writes: "Another really world class disc from Styffe."

The CD was also well received by Indiana Raffaelli of Italian music magazine Archi, who writes: "Remarkable is the clarity and beauty of the sound, always precise and rich in harmonies," and by Trond Erikson in Den Klassiske CD-bloggen.

Åshild Breie Nyhus plays viola in the orchestra, but plays hardanger fiddle on her latest CD, recorded together with her sister, pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus. On the CD with music by Johan Halvorsen, Johan Kvandal and Sven Nyhus, orchestra colleagues Per Sæmund Bjørkum (violin) and Anders Rensvik (viola) also contribute.

Ståle Wikshåland writes in Dagbladet: "... Åshild's talents as a fiddle player are clearly audible from start to finish" (paper/subscription)