Information for ticket holders

Here you will find what you need to know before you attend one of our concerts this autumn.

We follow the authorities' guidelines to make it safe for the audience to go to our concerts. There will be a need for a switching of seats to allow as many people as possible to experience the concerts, and to ensure that everyone is at a safe distance.

There will be no intermission in the concerts.

There may be program changes in relation to the original scheduled programs. See each concert in our concert calendar for the program at your concert.

If you bought your ticket this autumn, you can use the ticket as usual.

Everyone who bought a ticket before the summer will well ahead of the concert be contacted by email or letter, where you will receive new tickets according to the new seating plan. You may find that your concert day has moved. There will be information about this in the email / letter.

(Those who get new tickets must expect to sit in different seats to those originally reserved, in accordance with the infection control rules. We do our utmost to place the audience as close to their original seats as possible. If you have several tickets next to each other (in the same name) you will be placed together (but with one seat between each seat). For people who normally sit together, each with their own tickets, we can not guarantee that you will be seated next to each other.)

If you have not received any information when the concert is approaching, contact us by email to ​​or by phone on 23 11 60 60.

Feel free to arrive early, and keep a good distance on the way in. The box office is open two hours before the concerts start.

The audience sits at a distance from each other, at least one seat in between, in a "chess pattern". Also those who come together must sit at a distance to maintain the pattern in relation to the rows in front and behind.

Markers will be installed to make it easy to practice the one-meter rule.

Hand sanitizer will be available, and contact surfaces will be thoroughly and frequently cleaned.

Wardrobes will be closed, outerwear can be placed on seats that are not used.

There will be no pre-concert talk in Glasshuset before the concert.

If we become aware of a possible case of infection in one of our concerts, we will immediately notify the municipal chief physician, who is responsible for initiating infection detection. Those who have been in the vicinity of the person who is infected will be contacted directly by the health service, but we in the Oslo Philharmonic will in any case notify everyone who had a ticket to the concert in question that there has been a possible case of infection.

In the event that infection tracking becomes necessary, you will have to provide contact information on the companion(s) if you have purchased more than one ticket.

If you have been in contact with Covid-19-infected or have symptoms yourself, it is important that you stay at home. Contact us (at to get your tickets refunded.

Of course, we take infection control very seriously for our own employees as well. With regard to the orchestra, an exception is given to the one-meter rule in the COVID19 regulations, but we maintain the rule as far as possible, e.g. by expanding the podium at many of the concerts. We also practice strict infection control rules backstage and on rehearsals.

Food and drink

The bar is open for one hour before the concert. Alcoholic beverages must be pre-ordered via this link by 12.00 on the concert day: Pre-order drinks

You will receive an email with confirmation stating where you will find the drink.