​Will lead two Swedish ensembles

This week she directed a mighty apparatus in Oslo Concert Hall during the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra´s Christmas concerts, and from next year she will be the Chief Conductor of two Swedish ensembles. − There are many thoughts in Swedish circulating at the moment, admits this week´s conductor, Cathrine Winnes.

Since 2013, Cathrine Winnes has been the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker, which is based in Linköping. It came to light recently that she will take on the same role several miles further to the northeast: she is just taking over as Artistic Director of Blåsarsymfonikerna in Stockholm, and will be their Chief Conductor from next season.

− The current season is mostly planned, but there is a lot to plan for two ensembles with next season in mind, says Winnes.

− The orchestra reacts incredibly quickly and intelligently

In addition to planning for ”her” ensembles there are many engagements these days, with orchestra concerts in Kristiansand, Malmø, Jönköping, and Norrköping, ballet at the Royal Swedish Opera and the abovementioned Christmas concerts. During the Christmas period she will conduct the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in their Christmas concert, shown on NRK 1 on 19 December.

Cathrine conducted the Oslo Philharmonic for the first time in 2006, and this was her fourth concert week with the orchestra.

− The Oslo Philharmonic is an orchestra with a fantastic sound, and it reacts incredibly quickly and intelligently. As a conductor you have to know what you want and demonstrate that, as you get what you ask for! I try my best no matter which orchestra I am working with.