− Lovely playing all round

The Oslo Phlharmonic's recording of Sergei Prokofiev's music for Romeo and Juliet has been reviewed in several media outlets. Here's an overview.

Most of the reviews are in English, and we omitted the Norwegian and Danish ones here (see Norwegian version of this article). Some articles are only available for subscribers or in print.

The Guardian writes: "The playing is precise and sharp-edged, exactly right for this vivid, exuberant score. When tenderness is required [...] the Oslo players are full of heart and warmth. Lovely playing all round, with beautiful solos (woodwind particularly) and clean ensemble."

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Ivan Hewett, The Daily Telegraph writes (print/subscription): "The delicate numbers, for example the "Dance of the Girls with Lilies", are genuinely touching, and the virtuoso ones prove that the Oslo Philharmonic has what it takes to play this hugely taxing score."

David Mellor, Classic FM writes: "He has a light touch with both the orchestra and the piece, and makes it sound really balletic throughout ..."

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Daniel Jaffé in Gramophone writes (print/subscription): "The first impression is very positive: the Introduction – warmly expressive, flexible and exuding interpretative confidence – promises an outstanding performance. [...] the first and final acts as great as any available."

The Sunday Times writes (print/subscription): "Petrenko’s Norwegian band yield nothing in virtuosity — the strings are staggering in the fight — to Russian peers. The dramatic episodes sizzle, but there is poignancy in the balcony scene and Juliet’s death. One listens with refreshed ears."

BBC Radio 3s Record Review made the album their Disc of the Week in October.

− A very fine achievement

Graham Rickson, The Artsdesk.com writes: "Vasily Petrenko’s new studio version is a stunner, [...] within minutes you’ll find yourself sat bolt upright, riveted by the energy and drive of the Oslo Philharmonic’s playing. Prokofiev’s big romantic numbers are spectacular, the Oslo string playing lacking nothing in terms of weight and security, [...] Magnificent, in other words, brilliantly recorded and easily among the best versions of this miraculous score yet recorded."

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John Quinn, MusicWeb International writes: "Vasily Petrenko’s recording represents a very fine achievement. [...] The Oslo Philharmonic plays extremely well for him and both the conductor and players have got right under the skin of Prokofiev’s music."

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