− Great musical experiences are often connected to good conductors.

Anders Rensvik

Anders Rensvik comes from Frei in Nordmøre, and when he was growing up he was strongly inspired to become a musician during the Opera Festival Weeks in Kristiansund:

− The Opera Festival Weeks are held in February every year, and from I was twelve years old, I played in the orchestra. Sitting in the car on the way to the performances, I would often look at people walking on the streets and think how lucky I was to be on my way to the orchestra pit. I heard a lot of great music there, which inspired a young heart!

Music studies in NTNU in Trondheim and Mozarteum Salzburg followed.

− My teachers Bjarne Fiskum, Are Sandbakken and Peter Langgartner have been very important for me being where I am today.

− I like the clear air of Sibelius

Anders has been a soloist with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and has also been engaged by both orchestras. In 2007 he was engaged by the Oslo Philharmonic. Conductors have played a key role in his greatest concert experiences:

− Great musical experiences are often connected to good conductors. Herbert Blomstedt, Fabio Luisi and Andris Nelsons are some who have given me great experiences in the Oslo Philharmonic.

His greatest joy as a musician is otherwise to play good music with enthusiastic fellow musicians, both in small and large groups.

− I like the clear air of Sibelius, the suction of Brahms, and Bruckner’s serious grandeur. I also rate the virtuoso Richard Strauss highly! In chamber music you can’t avoid the genius of Mozart, who has the ability to make you laugh and cry with the same theme.

When Anders isn’t playing, he is very fond of being in the mountains, and often goes to his cabin there.