When she was five or six years old, Bogumila told her musician parents that she wanted to play the violin.

Since then, I’ve always thought that this is what I’m going to do with my life, she says.

− My aim was to become the first female player in the Vienna Philharmonic. It turned out that I was a bit too late, unfortunately …

− Little room for individuality

Bogumila attended school and studied in Poland, and in hindsight believes that it was difficult to develop individual expression as a musician in her native country.

− In Poland there was little room for individuality, especially if you happened to be a dutiful girl − which I was, no doubt. I think I had a solid technical foundation as a violinist following my education in Poland, but it was only when I came to Norway that I succeeded in showing my own personality in what I do.

In this way, her studies, and later, her work in Tromsø were very significant:

− My time as a student and in Tromsø Symphony Orchestra were probably the most influential for me as a musician, and the artistic director of the time, Kolbjørn Holthe, deserves a big thank you − he helped so much and gave such good guidance!

− A dream job

Bogumila appreciates having a varied job, with different programmes every week.

− It can be challenging, but I like that too! In addition, there is the opportunity to take part in other projects, with small and slightly larger groups, where one can meet other musicians, be inspired by them and get some “fresh air”. This is a dream job, I have to say!

She thinks it’s not easy to pinpoint a favourite composer:

− There is so much fantastic music from different periods! If I have to mention a few it has to be Brahms, Richard Strauss and Chopin. I also love listening to and playing music by Mozart, Bruckner, Rachmaninov, Beethoven and many others.

For Bogumila, music is a hobby as well as work, so there isn’t much time for any other interests.

− I like doing a lot of “normal” things like cooking, reading, spending time in nature and so on, and I’d like to learn how to knit and sew. That might have to wait until the children are a bit older, though.