Sarah Christian Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Sarah Christian is the new concertmaster at the Oslo Philharmonic, and the soloist and leader in Antonio Vivaldi’s most famous music: The Four Seasons. This is four violin concertos that vividly describe nature experiences and wildlife as they change throughout the year.

Birdsong, trickling streams, rainy weather, barking dogs, and frozen landscapes. These are just some of the natural phenomena Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) describes in the violin concertos The Four Seasons, first published in 1725.

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice and spent most of his life there. He was a renowned music teacher, opera composer, and, not least, one of the best violinists of his time. He wrote several hundred concertos, over 200 of which were for his own instrument.

The Four Seasons was released along four poems telling what the concertos describe. Spring is characterized by birdsong, flowering meadows and happy spring dancing. Summer opens with more bids - not least the cuckoo - and oppressive heat followed by thunderstorms. 

Autumn begins with the farmers celebrating the harvest with song and dance before hunting in the third movement. Winter opens with an icy wind, and then it’s cozy in front of the fireplace while it is raining in the second movement. In the final movement, we end up on the ice.

The Four Seasons was Vivaldi’s greatest success. Gradually, his popularity declined, and after his death, his music was little played. Interest flourished in the 20th century, and since the Second World War, The Four Seasons has been among the most popular classical music.

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Sarah Christian Antonio Vivaldi

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