PatKop and Pierrot Lunaire

This concert was played:

  1. Pierrot Lunaire
  2. Kaiserwalzer, op.437 (arr. Arnold Schönberg)
  3. Schatzwalzer, op.418 (arr. Anton Webern)
  4. A selection of duos for two violins
  5. Tröpfli-Musig
  6. Baladă și joc
  7. New work from Ghiribizzi for Pekka Kuusisto and a friend
  1. Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin and sprechgesang
  2. Cam Kjøll violin
  3. Ida Bryhn viola
  4. Øystein Sonstad cello
  5. Joonas Ahonen piano
  6. Tom Ottar Andreassen flute/piccolo
  7. Ingvill Hafskjold clarinet/bass clarinet
  8. Elisabeth Vatn harmonium
  9. Pekka Kuusisto violin

A distinctive and personal voice in the world of classical music.

There is an artistic protest in Patricia Kopatchinskaja's work. She does not want to be part of the established and traditional, who again and again plays the same classic repertoire.

In an article in The Guardian in 2016, she wrote that «Standard pieces should be used only as exceptional, weird elements in programmes. There are enough recordings out there already ... » She gladly emphasizes her stand by playing barefoot and in a torn dress and white.

She does not bring the traditional when she is playing at Sentralen. She challenges every program with her own interpretations, and in Pierrot Lunaire, she takes on the role of moon-sick pierrot herself and leaves the violin voice to Cam Kjøll. Patkop, as she is called, creates her own very personal interpretation of this intricate work, among other things, she adds several Strauss-waltzes in the middle of the piece.

The concert is a collaboration between the Ultima festival and Det Norske Kammerorkester.


  • Adult: 450 NOK
  • Student: 150 NOK

The concert is not included in any subscriptions.