SINGULARITY, work for orchestra by Koka Nikoladze

This concert was played:

Lille Sal
  1. Singularity
  1. Koka Nikoladze komponist og regissør

SINGULARITY is a unique video piece for orchestra.

The incredible musicians of the Oslo Philharmonic were filmed in the Oslo Concert Hall, one after the other, sitting on the same chair and from the same angle. Artist Koka Nikoladze spent months editing the footage frame by frame into an explosive piece that feels as if a complete symphony has been compressed into 15 minutes.

Koka is an artist from Oslo, with a solid background in composition and classical music, but also a technologist and instrument inventor with works all over the world.

The piece will be shown in Lille Sal every 30 min from 16:00 with the last viewing at 19:30.

This event is a part of Oslo Kulturnatt - there is no entrance fee and you don't need a ticket.

The concert is not included in any subscriptions.