CANCELLED! Chamber music: Beethoven and Schumann

This concert was played:

Lille Sal
  1. Piano trio in B-flat Major, "Gassenhauer"
  2. Piano trio in G Minor, op. 17
  1. Maria Angelika Carlsen violin
  2. Hans Josef Groh cello
  3. Alex Taylor piano

Piano trios by Ludwig van Beethoven and Clara Schumann.


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770−1827) wrote his Piano Trio in B-flat major in 1797, and it was nicknamed "Gassenhauer". The third movement consists of nine variations on a melody by Joseph Weigl that was so popular that people hummed it everywhere in the streets. Gasse is German for street, and Gassenhauer is a slightly annoying hit song.

Clara Schumann (1819−1896) was one of the 19th century's most famous concert pianists, with a career that lasted for over 60 years. She began composing as a child, and wrote a piano concerto as a 14-year-old. She wrote her Piano Trio in G minor in 1846 and gave it as a gift to her husband Robert Schumann on their seven year wedding anniversary.


  • Adult: 200 NOK
  • Child: 100 NOK

The concert is not included in any subscriptions.