Quintet from the Oslo Philharmonic.

Photo: Amund Haugen Tusvik

Chamber music by Mozart and Beethoven

This concert was played:

Oslo Konserthus, Lille Sal
  1. Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, K. 452
  2. Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 16
  1. João Miguel Silva oboe
  2. Fredrik Fors clarinet
  3. Per Hannisdal bassoon
  4. Hongpark Kim horn
  5. Sveinung Bjelland piano

Mozart was exceptionally pleased with his piano quintet in E-flat Major.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756−1791) composed his Piano Quintet in E-flat Major in March 1784. On 1st April 1 the work was performed for the first time, with the composer himself at the piano. In a letter to his father, he wrote about the work: "I consider it the best I have written in my life."

When Ludwig van Beethoven (1770−1827) wrote his Piano Quintet more than a decade later, Mozart's quintet was an obvious role model. The wind instruments were the same: oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. But the young Beethoven had already found a musical expression that clearly differed from Mozart's. The work was premiered in Vienna on 6th April 1797.


  • Adult: 200 NOK
  • Child: 100 NOK

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