Nordic Nestors

  1. Serenissima
  2. Concerto Sinfonico
  3. Onze Lieder
  4. Second Symphony (commission)
  1. John Storgårds conductor and violin
  2. Amalie Stalheim cello
  3. Håkan Hardenberger trumpet

Music by Lasse Thoresen and Bent Sørensen, two central Nordic composers.

Lasse Thoresen (born 1949) is a nestor among Norwegian composers. He has created his own unique tonal language with elements of, among other things, microtonality, folk music, and the Bahá’í religion. Lasse Thoresen’s Cello Concert has the title “Journey Through Three Valleys”. “The valley is a metaphor of a state of mind, a fundamental tone you are in during a phase of life,” Lasse Thoresen stated before the premiere in 2008. “You can’t see what is on the other side; being in a valley means to have your horizon limited. Then there will be transitions into other perspectives of which you had no idea while down in the valley.”

“It reminds me of something I have never heard!” exclaimed Arne Nordheim of Danish Bent Sørensen’s (born 1958) music. Sørensen is considered the leading Danish composer of his generation, and Second Symphony is a commissioned work written for the Oslo Philharmonic.

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  • Adult: 190 - 490 NOK
  • Senior: 160 - 395 NOK
  • Student: 150 - 245 NOK
  • Child: 150 NOK
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