Children's Christmas Concert

This concert was played:

  1. Kai Grinde Myrann conductor
  2. Malin Soli actor
  3. Jan Gunnar Røise actor
  4. Filippa Vik dancer
  5. Elisabeth Vereide dancer
  6. Trefoldighet Girls Choir (conductor Edle Stray Pedersen)
  7. Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir (conductor David Maiwald)
  8. Tomas Glans director

A traditional and entertaining Christmas concert for our youngest audience members.

The Oslo Philharmonic and The National Theatre invite our youngest listeners to “Twinkle Time” in Oslo Concert Hall − what promises to be a nostalgic and entertaining Christmas concert for children.

In addition to traditional Christmas songs, we will be featuring timeless musical excerpts from Johan Halvorsen’s Journey to the Christmas Star, well-known Disney films, and other Christmas classics. Join us for a well-deserved break in the hectic run-up to Christmas and a memorable experience for both parents and children of all ages.

Workshop for children in the foyer one hour before the concert.


  • Adult: 220 NOK
  • Child: 120 NOK

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