Amadeus Live

Amadeus Live

Oslo Concert Hall Concert has been played

Amadeus Live

Karen Kamensek and the Oslo Philharmonic present a legendary film in a spectacular setting.

Miloš Forman’s Amadeus (1984) won eight Oscars and four Golden Globes, and is one of the most famous music films of our time. The powerful portrayal of Mozart’s genius and tragi-comic lifestyle has left an idelible mark on film- and music lovers for over 30 years. Tonight, the film will be screened in Oslo Concert Hall, and the magical music of Mozart will be performed live with full orchestra and choir on stage. We look forward to offering this poignant, hilarious and stirring film experience to our audiences.

“Why does God only speak through Mozart’s music and not mine?” laments Antonio Salieri, portrayed by F. Murray Abraham, in the film Amadeus. The film is based on a presumed rivalry between the two contemporary composers, and tells Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s (1756−1791) story through Salieri’s reminiscences as an elderly patient at a psychiatric institution.

Despite purists having criticised the film for being historically inaccurate, it has had enormous significance due to its phenomenal portrayal of artistic genius, its introduction to Mozart to new listeners, and unusually powerful dramatic depiction of a legendary historical figure. After having seen Tom Hulce play the fool, cry, and laugh so convincingly in the role of Mozart, it’s difficult to imagine the composer in any other way.

It was not only that the film and its actors garnered a great amount of attention, winning a string of awards after its release in the 1980s, but Mozart’s music became more famous than ever before. The soundtrack to the film won a Grammy for best classical recording, and has sold a dizzying 6,5 million copies. The film contains the sound of many famed Mozart tones from his operas Figaros Wedding and Don Giovanni, from his symphonies and piano concertos, and not least from his moving, immortal Requiem — the death mass which plays a central role in the film and which leaves few viewers unmoved, especially when played in this context.

This is an unmissable occasion, whether you have seen the film a dozen times before and are after a fresh experience of it, or are simply curious to discover more about Mozart or classical music in general.

The Oslo Philharmonic wishes you a warm welcome to this very special film concert!

There will be an interval during the concert.

Amadeus Live is an Avex Classics International production.

More information at Film with Live Orchestra on Facebook.

(Photo: Amadeus © The Saul Zaentz Company/Warner Bros.; Text: Thomas Erma Møller; Translation from Norwegian: Sarah Osa)

What is played

  • W.A. Mozart Music from the movie Amadeus





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Amadeus Live

Oslo Concert Hall Concert has been played