Tutti Double bass

With obligation to play 5 string/C-extension

Audition: 22 October 2017

Application deadline: 8 September 2017

Audition requirements:

  • Vanhal or Dittersdorf: Concerto, 1 st and 2nd movement with cadenzas
  • Koussewitzky or Bottesini (b-min or f#-min): Concerto, 1 st movement
  • Orchestral Excerpts and chamber music available for download here.

Orchestral tuning required

Vacancy commencing: by agreement

Auditions take place in Oslo Concert Hall (Chamber Hall)

Application form here

Questions regarding the audition and position, by e-mail to anders.brasetvik@ofo.no

Applications will be reviewed immediately after the application deadline. If you haven't received an email from us within four days after this, please check your spam filter and contact us if it's not there.