Conductor Semyon Bychkov

Semyon Bychkov © Sheila Rock

Mahler’s Summery Night Symphony

  1. Symphony No. 7
  1. Semyon Bychkov conductor

Mahler’s seventh symphony is an evocative, optimistic journey from darkness to light. The concert will be conducted by Semyon Bychkov, one of the most prominent conductors of our time.

Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) was one of the most famed conductors of his own time, and an extraordinarily busy man during the concert season. Therefore, he had the habit of composing most of his music during the summer holidays. At his summer house in Wörthersee, he would start his day at five-thirty in the morning, taking a morning dip before secluding himself in his writing room deep in the forest. There, he could work uninterruptedly for hours.

In the summer of 1904, he was brimming with musical ideas – he had completed his sixth symphony and was well into his seventh. However, in the following year he had complete writer’s block and didn’t compose a line. Even a trip to the Dolomites didn’t have any effect on his creativity. It was only when he returned home – as soon as the oars hit the water when rowing to the summer house – that inspiration returned.

He wrote like a man possessed for the rest of the summer, and the symphony was almost finished when he returned to work. Although two of the movements have the title “Night Music” and the thid has the subtitle “Shadow-like”, the Seventh Symphony is one of Mahler’s lighest works. And while the opening is both mystical and ambigious, the finale is life-affirming and jubilant.

Semyon Bychkov is the Chief Conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of the most celebrated conductors today. He has recorded a number of albums with the Berlin Philharmonic and Concertgebouw orchestras, among others. This is his first visit in Oslo since 2010.

(Translation from Norwegian: Sarah Osa)


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