Blomstedt’s Bruckner

This concert was played:

  1. Symphony No. 5
  1. Herbert Blomstedt conductor

Herbert Blomstedt conducts Anton Bruckner’s most mysterious masterpiece.

Anton Bruckner’s (1824−1896) symphonies are among the most mysterious masterpieces of orchestral music. Symphony No. 5 has been interpreted in many ways — some call it the “Tragic”, whereas Bruckner spoke of the symphony as the “Fantastic”. Though Bruckner wrote the music in 1875, it was not performed until twelve years later when the composer was ill, so he never got to hear it played by an orchestra.

Herbert Blomstedt (born 1927) is a prominent persona in Scandinavian music life. As Chief Conductor of the Oslo Philharmonic from 1962 until 1968, he earned love and respect for his efforts through those years. In recent years, Blomstedt has been one of the orchestra’s most popular guest conductors, and his concerts are considered significant events by musicians as well as by the audience.

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