Herborg Kråkevik’s Christmas Roses

  1. Torodd Wigum conductor
  2. Herborg Kråkevik
  3. Mathias Eick trumpet
  4. Vigdis Hjorth

Start the pre-Christmas festivities with Herborg Kråkevik and the Oslo Philharmonic!

On board are also Vigdis Hjorth, conductor Torodd Wigum and trumpet virtuoso Mathias Eick. Together, they will serve the audience stories, poetry, and humorous highlights from the Christmas Rose issues of the past six years.

There will be an advent atmosphere, plenty of music, Christmas melancholy and laughter, Christmas tales, and brand-new texts from Norway’s most prominent artists.

“This will be a Christmas show that speaks to all nooks and crannies of our Christmas heart! Christmas is sensitive stuff, and art is always good for you, whether it is music, literature, or pictorial art,” Herborg says.


  • Adult: 490 NOK
  • Child: 150 NOK
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