Photo of the Oslo Philharmonic.

(Photo: CF Wesenberg)

Tour concert in Bodø: Beethoven

This concert was played:

  1. Symphony No. 5
  2. Symphony No. 6
  1. Arvid Engegård conductor

​The Oslo Philharmonic perform two Beethoven symphonies in Stormen Concert Hall in Bodø.

This concert is cancelled.

Read more: All concerts before summer are cancelled

There is no opening of a symphony more recognisable and imposing than the terrifying “fate” motive which sets off Ludvig van Beethoven’s iconic Symphony No. 5. Arvid Engegård and the Oslo Philharmonic conclude the orchestra’s hundredth birthday celebrations by marking Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. When the gruesome fate is finally won over, the pastorale Symphony No. 6 transports us to country idyll and a fresh walk outdoors.

The concert is part of The Beethoven Pastoral Project − a project where many orchestras around the world play Beethoven's 6th Symphony on World Environment Day to raise awareness of climate change.


  • Adult: 595 NOK
  • Child: 250 NOK

The concert is not included in any subscriptions.